The Studio

The studio is a dedicated music post production, mixing and mastering room, with a voice booth.

5.1 Mix room built around an Avid ICON D-Command console, Klein and Hummel 5.1 monitoring and XMON monitoring control.

The studio is available for private hire to approved engineers and producers.


  • Protools 11HD with RME convertors
  • Sonoris DDP Creator
  • Izotope RX4 de-noising and audio repair tools
  • outboard:
    Lexicon 960L Reverb, Lexicon PCM 81
  • analogue outboard including:
    Manley EQP stereo valve EQ
    UREI 1178
    Valley People Gainbrain II (x7), Keepex II (x2), Dynamite
    SPL Transient designer
    Roland tape delay and other oddities
    AMEK 9098 and RME pres
  • plugins:
    McDSP, Waves, Exponential Audio, Slate, many more
  • microphones:
    AKG C-24 – (stereo C12)
    SENNHEISSER MKH series cardoid and omni
    AKG 414 eb (3)
    Neumann TLM170, KM84 (2)
    DPA 4021 x2