photo Ryan Spinoglio

The Studio is designed by Chris Moreton ARO Tech – Tons of natural light in the heart of Sydney (Pyrmont). The room is silent and sounds amazing. 

I’ve recently invested in Trinnov loudspeaker management. The difference has been incredible. It gives the confidence to know exactly what is going on – superb clarity and translation.

It’s one of the best feeling and sounding mix rooms in town, in my opinion.

  • Protools Ultimate with Focusrite REDNET convertors
  • Dolby Production Suite
  • Trinnov Loudspeaker management
  • D Command ICON
  • 5.1 Klien Hummel  / Meyer monitoring
  • Lexicon 960L Reverb, Lexicon PCM 81
  • Manley Stereo Pultech
  • 8x Gainbrain IIs
  • SSL buss compressor
  • RE201 Echo
  • Machine room,  fancy aircon and soundproofing keeping the mix room silent.
  • Plugins – many many

Electric Ave super analogue recording studio is downstairs, run by Phil Punch and we have analogue and digital ties down into the recording space which has a Kawai Shigaru piano lurking in there underneath some old mics.