photo Ryan Spinoglio

The Studio is designed by Chris Moreton ARO Tech – Tons of natural light in the heart of Sydney (Pyrmont). The room is silent and sounds amazing. 

I’ve recently updated with the S6 and a Trinnov loudspeaker management system. The difference has been incredible. It gives the confidence to know exactly what is going on – superb clarity and translation.

It’s one of the best feeling and sounding mix rooms in town, in my opinion.

  • Avid S6, 32 faders
  • Protools Ultimate with Focusrite REDNET convertors
  • Dolby Production Suite
  • Trinnov Loudspeaker management
  • D Command ICON
  • 9.1.4 Klien Hummel  / Meyer monitoring
  • Magnepanar Stereo Loudspeakers Speakers
  • Lexicon 960L Reverb, Lexicon PCM 81
  • Manley Stereo Pultech
  • 8x Gainbrain IIs
  • SSL buss compressor
  • RE201 Echo
  • Machine room,  fancy aircon and soundproofing keeping the mix room silent.
  • Plugins – many many

Electric Ave super analogue recording studio is downstairs, run by Phil Punch and we have analogue and digital ties down into the recording space which has a Kawai Shigaru piano lurking in there underneath some old mics.